Next up...the Volunteer State & Tar Heel State

There are so many GREAT and EXCITING things coming down the line for you with regards to our tiny home insurance program and we can wait to share every single tidbit with you. However not all is finalized so we will share what we can and give you hints with the rest.

First of all we are proud to say we are NOW LIVE in Tennessee and North Carolina. With so much demand in both of these neighbor states we knew we had to announce both of them at the same time. We have contact info for many of you that have expressed interested in getting insured once we are live there and we will reach out to you. For any of you that we don't have quote requests for please go to our site's INSURANCE page to get started. (Florida should be very, very soon so please be patient. Not to mention more of the East Coast).

We are working out the details of a trip endorsement for our stationary policy for those that just need to move your tiny home once or twice a year. This is alternative to signing up for insurance plan that allows for transit all the time. 

The final touches are being put together for group/discount plans for those in the tiny home movement. The first being a group insurance plan for pet owners that will offer a discount for those that sign-up for the plan. Stay tuned for more info and email us if you want to be one of the first to get the sign-up link. 

We are making some progress with carriers that will allow us to offer coverage in...CANADA, ah! We will share more as we get more details. 

A robust, complete TINY HOME BUILDERS policy is being worked on as we speak. Send us your info if you are interested in hearing more. 

And for everyone else that has emailed, called or reached out to us about your situation and haven't received a prompt response please be continue to be patient. As you have found this is still not main stream insurance so we are still working through the nuances with all of our insurance partners and carriers. Keep bugging us because we do want to help you!

CONTACT us with any questions.