Tiny Home Insurance is finally here....no for real, it's finally here!

Yes, we can insure your tiny house on WHEELS and yes it's a real policy that would pay out in the event of a covered claim. The policy is a little over a year old and is written through Lloyd's of London.  Well, before we get too far we should give you the good and the bad news. First of all let's go over the bad news...

- The Lloyd's of London  Tiny Home Insurance Policy is currently only available in 9 Western US States. (OR, WA, CA, Etc)  However if you need the policy to be available in your state you need to let us know via our INSURANCE or CONTACT US pages so we can show the carrier that there's demand there. If we get enough demand we will push for expansion in your state.
- The policy doesn't include transit or theft of the actual tiny home dwelling. However there are many ways to protect against theft of your tiny home. On the other hand theft of your personal property is covered for theft.
- The Lloyd's policy is only for tiny homes that are completed or finished. UPDATE: We're now working on a course of construction policy to cover your home during the building phases. If you're interested in this type of policy please submit your application on the INSURANCE page. 

- The Lloyd's policy can be written on those tiny homes that are self-built and/or not build in a factory. However there are still underwriting guidelines that the home was adhere to during the construction phase.
- We now have options for coverage of your tiny home during transit (only if the home is RVIA certified). These options are not currently available for the Lloyd's policy.
- The application process for the Lloyd's policy is very simple and can be completed within a few minutes.
- We have insurance premium financing available for those that don't have the cash flow to pay the full annual premium.

We'll stop there for now but, as always if you questions don't hesitate to reach out to us for questions or comments. We also want your feedback on how we can make this insurance program better. Our goal is to be able to offer tiny home coverage to anyone in the US that is interested in having it. #WeLoveTinyHomes

Lastly, we'd love to have pictures of your tiny home to post in our GALLERY and include your blog in our LINKS page so email them to us.