Tiny Home Construction Insurance!

Greeting and Happy New Year!

Following the huge trend of people self-building tiny homes across the country we are always exploring better options for you.  We've heard your stories of sleepless nights because you're worried about losing your life savings in fire or theft while you are constructing your dream tiny home...and this bothered us. As a result of all of this we are pleased to announce a NEW & IMPROVED source for COURSE OF CONSTRUCTION/BUILDER RISK insurance. This is insurance that will cover you DURING your build and once you are done we can help you with you a policy that will cover you while you are living in the home. These polices can be set-up for both self-builders and contractors building for others. 

A couple things to consider when applying for coverage.
1. Use a realistic timeline on how long the project will take. The policy will be underwritten based on the timeline you give us. 
2. Do you best to calculate the complete value of your project with ALL materials and ALL labor. Some of our recent inquiries aren't taking into account the cost of donated/free labor from friends and family. 
3. Learn about the build site especially the security of it. (Fenced, lighted, who has access, etc)
4. Make sure you let us know once project is completed because this policy doesn't cover you once you occupy the home. 

To get started submit our online form for COURSE OF CONSTRUCTION insurance.  

Apply for coverage today so you can finally get a good night's sleep...


Thumbnail image courtesy of www.thetinylife.com