Calling all TINY D.I.Y.ers!

Good news...some of the major insurance carriers are finally catching on to the tiny home movement by starting to offer coverage for tiny homes. There was announcement this week that Foremost Insurance Group will now accept tiny homes that have the N.O.A.H. Certification.

Bad news...they're still requiring that you have an R.V.I.A. or N.O.A.H. certification to qualify for the coverage. Self-builds and most contractor built tiny homes would not qualify.

Even better news...we have REAL coverage for those of you wishing to self-build and don't want to go through the certification process. This also includes those that purchase a completed shell from a builder and want to finish themselves. 

The bottom line is we can help you insure your tiny homes whether you are certified or not. These certification are important to creating a standard for tiny home construction but, they shouldn't be a barrier to you going tiny...

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